Fruit Trees – Something New!

My eldest daughter recently asked if I could help her out on her new allotment. I gladly said yes but then she dropped a bombshell. She asked if I could help her plant a mixture of apple, plum and pear trees. I have had an allotment myself for many years, in fact many decades, and I have to admit that I have never grown fruit trees. This was all new to me. It was going to be a new adventure and I hope one that will bear fruit. Apologies for the pun but I couldn’t resist it.

I thought it would be a straight forward job, just dig a hole and plant a tree. That was going to be the easy part. I hadn’t reckoned on the various choices of tree that were available. Initially bamboozled by terms for their sizes such as M26, M9, MM11 and M27 I was then stumped by the choice of do I buy self pollinators or trees that require pollinators. After half an hour at the garden centre I was beginning to wish I had said I would just stick to lettuces and carrots. Anyway they have now all been planted so lets see what happens in the coming months and years.