Spring Equinox

The Earth tilts by 23.5 degrees in relation to its plane of orbit. What that means I have no idea but I do know that if it didn’t tilt we would be without seasons. Seasons bring change to nature and provide so much to look forward to. Whether it be the first snowdrops of late Winter or the bronze colour leaves falling from our tress in Autumn it is all thanks to that 23.5 degree tilt.

March 21st is a date I look forward to. It marks the first day of Spring, my favourite season. The Sun passes north through the Earth’s equator and daylight hours triumph over dark hours up until the Summer Solstice. My heart sunk though as I watched the weather forecast last night. I wanted to know if the weather would be on my side to escape for a few minutes with my camera today. The forecaster proudly announced that yesterday was the Spring Equinox. I had missed it by a day as this year Spring Equinox was the 20th. Who cares I still got out today for a few minutes with my camera. Lets hope its a good Spring and roll on the Summer Solstice on the 21st June. Or is the 20th this year!

4 thoughts on “Spring Equinox”

  1. Beautiful photos, Great shot of the robin in full song captures spring. Looking forward to the warmer weather and the leaves springing from the trees.

    1. Thanks Bren, he was patrolling his hedge with some vigour. It was the opposite with the Celandines. It was a cloudy grey day so they couldn’t rustle up the energy or the inclination to open their flowers.

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