Lords Piece, Fittleworth

Originally published on 13th November 2017 in www.urbanescapist.worpress.com

I paid a visit this Sunday to Lords Piece which is just to the west of Fittleworth, West Sussex and can be reached by driving either along Coates Lane from Fittleworth or easterly along Burton Park Road from the Burton Mill Pond direction.

There are two car parks which are both on the western side, one to the south towards Bury and the other called Broad Halfpenny which is located in the north western corner on Coates Lane where I parked. Watch out for the pot holes in the car park but quite frankly it is better than parking at the side of the road and the repair money for the holes can be spent on more beneficial things. Lords Piece and Sutton Common is an area of heathland with roaming access frequented by dog walkers and ramblers. There are plenty of old Oaks and Pine trees in between the heather where cows graze to control and maintain the habitat. To the south west lies a small pond which gives the area more natural diversity.

The heathland is full of natural history and home to various rare species. There is an endangered colony of Field Crickets and I must pay a visit here during the summer months in order to hear their distinctive sound. There are also breeding pairs of Nightjars, Woodlarks and Dartford Warblers. Work has been carried out on the sand quarry to attract Sand Martins to the area as well.

Whatever the time of the year or whether you have 10 minutes or an afternoon free this is a beautiful spot and really worth visiting.



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